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Fluids and Hydraulics

Fluid and Hydraulics study is fundamental in engineering education. The studying and researches exercises on fluid mechanics are part of the standard curriculum for a wide range of engineering disciplines, such as energy and process engineering, mechanical and plant engineering, shipbuilding, civil engineering, agriculture, environmental engineering, food technology etc.

We offer wide range of products in this category. All our equipment's are customisable in terms of dimension; display and features.


Please browse through our datasheets and for any inquiry we are just a mail away 

Hydraulic Turbine
Jet Through Orifice
Customised Impeller
Notch Flow

Fluid Mechanics (Recirculating Type - Range)

Fluid Mechanics (Combine Model - Range)

Fluid Mechanics (Hydraulic Bench - Range)

Hydraulics Fluid Power Engineering

Wind Tunnels

Hydraulic Flumes

Multi Turbine Test Rig

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