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Production and Mechatronics

Production studies focus on manufacturing and quality, process design and productivity improvement, dynamics and control, management and host of core subjects to meet the emerging technological needs of the industry.

Mechatronics  on other hand is a multi disciplinary field of science that includes a combination of mechanical, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications , systems and control engineering.

We offer wide range of products in this category. All our equipment's are customisable in terms of dimension; display and features.


Please browse through our datasheets and for any inquiry we are just a mail away 

Servo Controller
Lathe Tools

Tool Dynamometers

Production Machine and Tools 

Measurement and Meterology

Mechatronics and Automation

It's Getting Updated!!

CNC Trainers and 3D Printers

It's Getting Updated!!

Foundry Technology

Torque Tester

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